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Oct 25

Written by: Dundas Vet
Sunday, 25 October 2020 12:18 PM 

What steps is the practice taking to protect our clients from covid?

Firstly we are making it impossible for you to have close contact with us (defined as 15 minutes or more spent less than 1.5 meters apart accumulating over 7 days) but you are welcome to be in the consulting room with your pet. We would ask you please to have only ONE family member in the building. If the covid situation remains stable, we are likely to relax after Christmas.

We do not use any materials that cannot be sterilised, and do not take cash.

All our staff are restricting their social lives above the public health orders, and wear masks and wash their hands between each pet.

We have provided hand sanitiser in areas where you may need to touch a pen.

The Hospital and Grooming take place in different areas of the buildings and do not cross over. Hospital patients use the front door and the front building. Grooming clients use the back door and the building at the rear of the property.

We are updated by the AVA , the Veterinary Practitioners Board, and the University of Sydney on new developments and apply instructions immediately.

We thank you for your continued good humour and patience. I have learned a new respect for my grandparents who endured a 5 year world war, spanish flu and the Great Deppression.

These precautions will stay in place for as long as are advised to keep them by our public health and specialist veterinary advisors. This is now Covid Normal.

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